Southwest Cowboy
         Poetry Assoc.
    9425 W. Costley Rd.  Amarillo, Texas   79119
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To Promote The Cowboy Way of Life Through Poetry and Music

We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 11:00 AM at Crossroads Country Church, 14425 Farm to Market Rd 1541 (South Washington St.) ​​​​​​​​​​Amarillo TX.
​You are welcome to join us!
Bill Crenshaw, President      806 316-7910
Bob Muncy, VP & Treas         806 674-5209
Charolyn Gouldy, Sec            806 683-6500
Southwest Cowboy Poets Association and Nara Visa Cowboy Poetry Gathering (SWCPA/NVPG) consist of ranch and farm minded individuals who strive to preserve the western heritage. This partnership is committed to accomplish that goal with cowboy poetry and cowboy music. 
Offering scholarships to area students who share that goal is an effective instrument to insure that the cowboy heritage will be preserved. These scholarships are available to anyone who have a love for the western way of life and are committed to a higher level of knowledge. Members from SWCPA/NVPG will select the scholarship winners.

 Applicants must be high school seniors who are eligible to enroll and attend an institution of higher education or vocational/technical school or to college students who plan to continue their education at a college or vocational/technical school.
Applicant must be a legal U.S. resident, 21 years of age or less, and reside within the geographic boundaries of Texas, Oklahoma or New Mexico.

Each year, at least two $600 scholarships will be awarded to area students who are involved with the ranch/farm lifestyles.
The recipient must complete the school year or semester with at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average.
The scholarships funds will be payable to the recipient immediately after the next semester is completed and upon delivery of grades to SWCPA/NVPG. These scholarship funds are to be used at the sole discretion of the recipient.
The school chosen by the scholarship recipient must be an accredited college or technical school.
The Scholarship Application form must be completed and submitted to SWCPA/NVPG no later than May 1, of the school year.
All completed applications are to be delivered to: SWCPA/NVPG, 9425 W. Costley Rd., Amarillo, Texas  79119.
To receive a copy of the application form or to submit questions about our scholarship program, please click here.  

 2019 Scholarship Receipients

 Dudley-Lujan Cambry,          Logan, NM
 Ellis, Tenia                               Dalhart, TX
 Modisette, Hayden                Logan, NM
 Robertson, Brook                  Logan, NM

Tenia Ellis